We Are building the pipeline from prison to tech

What We Do

Unloop enables people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in tech

The Problem

Six in 10 people who release from prison are not employed one year later. Getting a job after release is a major predictor of successful re-entry, but most people leaving prison do not have access to living wage jobs. And with more than 640,000 people releasing from prison in the United States each year, creating pathways to stable employment is a critical need in our communities.

The Opportunity

There are currently 223,000 open software development jobs in the United States. Success as a developer is not dependent on a college degree or formal work experience. Furthermore, freelancing opportunities and the entrepreneurial community in tech make economic self-sufficiency possible even when a criminal record creates barriers for finding full-time work.

Our Model

Go to Education


We partner with community colleges to offer coding training in Washington state prisons that prepares students with the skills and concepts they need to launch careers in web development.

Go to Support


Our industry mentorship program, professional development workshops, and re-entry support connect students with resources that address barriers to their professional success.

Go to Opportunity


We bring together a community of employers, professionals, and educators to advise on our curriculum and create opportunities for students after release.

Why it matters

The United States imprisons more of its citizens than any country in the world
  • % of people returning to prison within 3 years in the U.S.

  • % of people unable to find any work 3 months after release

  • % decrease in recidivism driven by correctional education

Who We Are


We are technologists, entrepreneurs, and community members who believe everyone deserves access to living wage employment. Learn more about us here.


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Your 100% tax deductible gift will be used to expand access to education and opportunity for men and women who face a criminal record as a barrier to success.

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