We Are building the pipeline from prison to tech

What we Do

Unloop enables people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in tech


Teach students how to think like programmers, as well as technologies relevant in the industry today


Provide opportunities to hone skills and develop portfolios in a professional working environment


Facilitate constructive relationships between students, successful returnees, and tech professionals


Connect students with wraparound support services through community partners for successful re-entry

Unloop is hiring instructors to teach software development in prison!

Why it matters

The United States imprisons more of its citizens than any country in the world
  • Prison is a cycle

    % of people returning to prison within 3 years in the U.S.

  • Lack of opportunity

    % of people unable to find any work 3 months after release

  • Education works

    % decrease in recidivism driven by correctional education

  • Prison is costly

    % of WA State budget spent on prisons (about $1B/year)

Every dollar of your support goes directly to providing students opportunity!

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