April 24, 2017


We know that our students need more than just training—they need support navigating the professional and personal barriers to successful re-entry. Unloop’s support model aims to provide access to the skills and resources students need to be successful upon release.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program serves two groups of students: Unloop participants inside prison who will be releasing soon and planning for careers and life on the outside, and formerly incarcerated people learning to code or program. We pair professional software developers with people who have records to provide support, feedback, and professional coaching to help students be successful in their educations and careers.

Professional Development

In the final quarter of Unloop Academy, we emphasize professional development skill-building and a number of class periods are dedicated to resume-writing, interview practice, and discussions surrounding tech office culture. Through this process, each student develops their own job market-ready resume and portfolio of projects, which we then share with employer partners.

Re-entry Assistance

Unloop recognizes that successful re-entry into the community post-prison involves much more than educational resources or employment support. We strive to connect our students and other people navigating re-entry with as many services as possible. At the moment, we are compiling a Re-entry Navigation Resource Book to detail re-entry services in most counties throughout Washington state. It will be available on our website in late June.

Community Meetings

Each month, we hold a community meeting open to the students of Unloop Academy inside prison to provide space for feedback, questions, and concerns. For our students who are close to release, this time can be used to check in about needs in the difficult time of transitioning back into their communities. This is our way of understanding and being responsive to student feedback in order to build a program that meets their needs.